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Group counseling

Provided by Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors (LADCs), all clients participate in group counseling sessions throughout the week assigned based on the client’s individual treatment plan, to assist in identifying and addressing problems related to chemical use and necessary changes in lifestyle to regain and maintain health

Direct Access

Twin Cities Wellness Center & Recovery Gym offers direct access to eligible clients. Direct Access allows an individual to go directly to a provider they choose to receive a comprehensive assessment and access care immediately. Direct Access removes barriers of timing associated with going through a placing authority, allows for individual choice, and removes duplication of comprehensive assessments.


Transitional Services

TWIN CITIES WELLNESS CENTER & RECOVERY GYM will help the client integrate gains made during primary care treatment into daily living and reduce reliance on program staff for support. Transitional focused groups will be provided to assist clients with gaining knowledge and implementation of the following skills:

Relapse Prevention

Sober Living Assistance

Job seeking

Monitoring of individualized transition goal plans

Containment and retaining of employment

Financial management and budgeting

Relationship building

Utilization of parenting techniques

Medical services

Twin Cities Wellness Center & Recovery Gym will soon be providing nursing services, medication management, dietary services, and emergency physician services to clients. Appropriate referrals will be made to address needs exhibited by the clients, including calling 911 in the event of any emergency


Make a Change

Real People Real Results


Pledging to maintain our clients’ dignity and celebrate their own uniqueness


Devoted to assisting our clients with achieving their desired fitness, nutrition, and recovery goals.


Committed to providing the highest quality services to our clients



TCWC is a Co-Occurring Disorders (COD) outpatient treatment service that includes a flexible array of services based upon the Adlerian Theory of the development of individual personality while understanding and accepting the interconnectedness of all humans. TCWC will also integrate physical well-being into its services to allow patients to enjoy the physical and mental benefits of improved physical health. By co-occurring, we mean that someone may have two or more conditions that require treatment. This approach is client centered, solution focused, assessment driven, and an equitable approach to providing services for our clients.

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